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Snakes in Melbourne on a hot day!

Springtime in Melbourne and it’s gonna be warm today and already by 8.30 AM the snake catcher calls have come in. My  second call out for reptile removals in Melbourne was for a Brown Snake living under a driveway in … Continue reading

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Mildura snake shows

Another weekend of travelling in the Victorian bush and doing snake shows and kids reptile displays. The weather was crap on Friday (this week) and both myself and my staff were washed out at the weekend’s major Agricultural shows. We … Continue reading

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Need a snake removed – who ya gonna call?

It’s first thing in the morning and when you get a snake in your yard and you want it removed, who ya gonna call? Snakebusters snake removals! Anyway, the first call of the day was someone who wanted a snake … Continue reading

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Snake wrangling today

In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, When you want a snake removed from your bedroom, your house, business or whatever, who ya gonna call? Snakebusters! Today it was warm and the day of snake wrangling started early, 6 AM to be exact, … Continue reading

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Snake handling courses

There’s been a rash of novices setting up so-called snake handling courses, snake removal courses and the like recently with many graduates being bitten, when they should have not been. Therefore I have posted a summary as to why the Snakebusters courses are consistently recognised as the best in Australia. Continue reading

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Hands on reptile shows with Snakebusters to continue … for now!

Snakebusters are the only hands on reptile parties in Melbourne and reptile displays in Australia. Snakebusters are singlehandedly resisting the push by other wildlife exhibitors, and the government to ban the public from being allowed to keep reptiles as pets or to touch or hold reptiles during displays. Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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