Need a snake removed – who ya gonna call?

It’s first thing in the morning and when you get a snake in your yard and you want it removed, who ya gonna call?

Snakebusters snake removals!

Anyway, the first call of the day was someone who wanted a snake caught, so as a snake charmer in Melbourne Victoria, I was off and running!

Next call was an ABC kinder centre, wanting one of our hands on kinder reptile incursions, where the kids actually hold the animals.

None of this “line kids in circle to show and tell only” stuff that the imitators do.

Then a primary school booked us as well for their primary school incursion.

The teacher had seen us and more recently several other less experienced companies and was insistant that she wanted the hands on reptiles exclusive to Snakebusters.

She said, “I hate these so-called self appointed experts” who actually have no experience. When I get you, I get the real deal, someone who has a verifiable expertise with snakes … there’s nothing the kids like more than getting the Snake man, at their school”.

Funny thing is I even got a clip from last Friday’s Herald-Sun newspaper which also said that Raymond Hoser is the one and only snakeman in Australia … too right!

Next is two party bookings, … same thing … last lady said, I want the real thing and no imposters, … that’s why we want a snakebusters reptile party.

For kids reptile parties in Melbourne, Snakebusters are the only hands on, hold the animals reptile party for children. The other outfits invariably only allow the kids a fleeting touch, which they have the audacity to claim is “hands on” or hands on reptile.

That’s why we’ve recently started to enforce our trademark rights over the term “hands on reptiles” (yes it’s registered and protected and including for reptile shows and the like), because the others lie and fool customers into thinking they are “hands on” like Snakebusters (we let the kids hold the reptiles), when they are not.

People shouldn’t be ripped off for 2-3 hundred dollars at a time for a childrens reptile party, only to find that they didn’t get what they want.

If the ad reads, “hands on reptile party … show and tell only”, then by all means take the money off people. But lying to customers in our view is a mortal sin and hanging offence.

Just as it grates me to see outfits like an unnamed mob in NSW who buy a website one day and then claim 15 years experience the next!

They also claimed “50% hands on” which in reality meant they put every one in a circle and spent half the time walking around with a snake in a head lock “death grip” while letting the kids touch the tail”.

It’s just gone 10 AM as I type this and I’ve had two calls this morning from happy customers from last weekend.

Typical was the last comment,

“Tom and Michael were the best kids party in Melbourne we’ve ever had. For any childrens parties in Victoria, you can’t go past your Snakebusters staff!

Gotta go now as I’ve got to pack two cars for two more hands on  reptile school incursions.  The reptiles all look a million bucks as they never get attacked with killer snake tongs.

Cheers from The Australian Snake man


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