Snake wrangling today

In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, When you want a snake removed from your bedroom, your house, business or whatever, who ya gonna call?


Today it was warm and the day of snake wrangling started early, 6 AM to be exact, “I need a snake wrangler, gotta snake in da factory, come and get it!”.

Cutting a long story short, off I went to sunny Broadmeadows to a Tomato Factory (yes it was full of them! … and you thought people grew them?).

“Are you the snake man? he asked.

I said “Yes, don’t I look like one”,

(hung like a donkey!)

“Er, I spose, you got da snakebusters shirt on!”

Man says “I think it’s a Taipan,..I googled snakes and this is what it looked like!”

So I leant down to the bits of metal the snake was sitting in and picked it up and kissed it …

No it wasn’t a plant of a Hoser venomoid snake, otherwise known as a devenomized snake.

The snake was a Green Tree Snake and I knew it was from Queensland. 

A little bit of investigation showed that the snake came from Bowen in Qld.

Wow, I’ve been there and caught them there myself!

Phone’s been going “APE” all day!

Besides the usual round of bookings for our reptile shows in Melbourne, reptile birthday party, snake shows in Melbourne, kids reptile parties, school incursions, there have been more people ringing us to have a snake removalist to get snakes removed from their properties.

Other calls, two Tiger snakes and a third one, that the woman thought was a Tiger Snake.  It was a Bluetongue Lizard.

Snakes are running hot elsewhere in Australia.

Had a heap of inquiries this week for people wanting to do our internationally recognised snake handling courses in Australia as well as overseas inquiries.  Snakebusters (that’s us) do snake training and snake removal courses on a regular basis for mines, agriculture, local governments and others.

Just last week yet another novice trained by another novice, claiming “national accreditation” was bitten when catching a snake, using killer snake tongs to catch the snake.

I say, if you are going to learn how to catch snakes and be a snake catcher, and do some snake wrangling in Victoria or elsewhere, then get it right the first time and get taught by someone with over 40 years verifiable experience.

Who ya gonna call?



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