Mildura snake shows

Another weekend of travelling in the Victorian bush and doing snake shows and kids reptile displays.

The weather was crap on Friday (this week) and both myself and my staff were washed out at the weekend’s major Agricultural shows.

We had to decline three other ag shows this weekend because they all line up for Snakebusters.

While there are other companies that travel with reptiles to do reptile displays in Victoria at Ag shows in Victoria and reptile party displays, none are like Snakebusters in that we are the only hands on reptile shows, meaning we allow kids to hold the reptiles.  The other less experienced companies only allow the kids to watch from a distance or perhaps touch a snake’s tail while the handler has the head in a vice-like “death grip”.

As we are alone with the world’s deadliest snakes and also hold them all at once, we are the darlings of local papers and scored major stories in a few this week.

From a news photo point of view, a man holding a handful of deadlies, including world’s top five, always beats some wanker tormenting a single snake with sticks or snake tongs.

Also found out this week about yet another inexperienced so-called snake handler who’d recently done one of those supposedly nationally accredited snake handling courses (accredited by whom?), who went out snake catching out Wangaratta way and promptly got chomped by a snake he mishandled and ended up getting carted to hospital.

No sane wildlife department would allow a novice to teach novices, but who said the Victorian DSE are either sane or have any concern for public safety.

Anyway, our next snake handling course and snake control course is this week.

I just fed a load of snakes today so we may have a few reptile handlers getting poo poo all over them.

Ditto for those at our kids parties Melbourne and childrens reptile birthday parties this week, which we seem have booked pretty much daily this week (yes that’s weekdays as well!).

More good news is that only one of about 20 trademark bootleggers has failed to heed our “cease and desist” letters and we expect them to fall into line in the next week or so, when I eventually get time to chase them up.

Some of the other bootleggers bitched and moaned for a while before pulling their heads in and removing the use of our words, but the law is clear and we now have a good track record of successfully suing a number of people who have bootlegged our trademarks or passed off using phrases similar in the past.

Cheers for now from the snakeman


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