Snakes in Melbourne on a hot day!

Springtime in Melbourne and it’s gonna be warm today and already by 8.30 AM the snake catcher calls have come in.

My  second call out for reptile removals in Melbourne was for a Brown Snake living under a driveway in Donvale.

The man had called an inexperienced catcher a couple of years back who killed a monster Tiger snake with snake handling tongs and decided this time that while he wanted the snake gone and taken away, he wanted it gone alive!

More childrens reptile parties in Victoria today are happening as well after school.

The bookings are from past customers who want the best reptile shows in Melbourne and best possible kids party and therefore demand Snakebusters.

Hands on reptiles is always popular.

Also had bookings today for School holiday program entertainment and school incursions.

Gotta treat the reptiles nice today as pretty much everything got fed yesterday!

They have scrubbed up well considering they all had  a brutally cold and hard weekend working their butts off.

Cheers from the Melbourne snake charmer


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Snake shows, reptile party displays, kids reptile parties in Melbourne, snake catcher, handler and removals. Children's birthday party events, zoologist, scientist, snakehandler and training others for snake handling courses.
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