Melbourne Corporate reptile shows

Snake charmer Melbourne wanted!  It was another full on and very hectic week of Melbourne corporate reptile shows, Melbourne reptile shows and snake catching.

Saturday started with a swag of Melbourne kids reptile parties, then two major events and also we provided reptiles at the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Had an e-mail on Tuesday afternoon from one of our fans who’d recently had a childrens reptile party with us, she said:

 “saw your snakes on the TV today, I know they were yours because Snakebusters are the only hands on reptiles people and it was the general public holding the snakes. On top of that no one was seen tormenting the snakes with sticks and the reptiles were as always in immaculate health and mite free, unlike the parasite infested snakes your inexperienced imitators use … keep up the good work Raymond”.

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Another emailing correspondent wrote

“Well Byrne Edelstein didn’t have to worry about mites when she held the snake owned by the snake man Raymond Hoser”.

A few corporate heads mentioned that they’d previously engaged an inexperienced operator for their gigs after googling reptile shows and getting a slick SEO (search engine optimized) site from someone else, but then told us, these guys were total amateurs and did not allow any hands on, or holding the reptiles.

For corporate reptile shows in Melbourne, nothing beats Snakebusters.  Being the only people doing reptile shows in Melbourne with over 30 years expertise in reptile education, no one else can match Snakebusters.  It’s that simple.

Did a few snake call outs as well in between mixing with the chattering classes.  Included were the usual round of Copperheads and Bluetongues in cases of mistaken identity.

Today the sun is shining and at 8 AM I got my first snake call … another Tiger Snake!

Next week is another chaotic week with many childrens reptile party and school incursions bookings as well as an overwhelming number of major event reptile displays in Melbourne.

All the best for now from the Snakeman.


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Snake shows, reptile party displays, kids reptile parties in Melbourne, snake catcher, handler and removals. Children's birthday party events, zoologist, scientist, snakehandler and training others for snake handling courses.
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