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Gold coast snake man

Recently the snake man did a snake hander course for a company based near the Gold Coast, near Brisbane, Queensland.

Raymond Hoser, taught a number of staff from South Africa owned company, Cape Scaffolding to show them how not to get killed by snakes.

So after a busy weekend of gigs including snake shows, reptile displays at major events, birthday parties and the like, giving way to a Monday at a school incursion or perhaps a day in the office with a mass of reptiles waiting to be fed and cleaned.

This week was slightly different.

After a very particularly busy weekend of events and the like, the fantastic staff went out to a well-earned break at a local Thai Restaurant, ending near midnight, with everyone going home to bed after that.

Except for me of course.

Back home I had to unload three lots of venomous reptiles, harmless ones and frogs, about 90 in total, and then clean all the cages in the place.

After that I had to feed some baby Tiger Snakes, Death Adders, Crocodiles and Rough-scaled pythons.

Then I loaded boxes of snakes into a carry case and off I went to the airport.

Shortly thereafter I was teaching the Gold Coast residents about snake catching, snake safety, reptile awareness, snake capture, wildlife education and all else that matters when it comes to the snake man teaching gold coast people what they need to know.

I had brought a load of Brisbane, Queensland snakes to the company’s factory to teach the Surfers Paradise locals about snakes and snake handling.  Since the time I lived on the Gold Coast in the 1980’s I’ve been known as the Queensland Snake Man.

The Death Adders I had with me were four year olds who had bred a year earlier.  They had been brother and sister.  Their parents were held by Andrew Lowry of Melbourne.  He’d got them as babies from Rob Valentic, who in turn had bred the adults in the mid 1990’s. 

Well, at least I didn’t have to drive down roads at night to find and catch snakes!

It was the first time ever, vet certified surgically devenomized snakes had been used to teach Gold Coast people how to handle snakes and safely.

The course was to teach the men and women how to catch and relocate unwanted snakes without injuring either the snakes or the people.

For that purpose the teachers at this business had searched Australia for Australia’s best reptile teachers and scored with the snake man Ray Hoser and Snakebusters, the only teachers with more than 30 years verifiable expertise and the only hands on reptiles course teachers.

Another outfit from Victoria had offered to come and teach these people, but when they realized they’d been lied to about the alleged expertise of this so-called snake handler, they pulled the pin on them.

Five years of snake handling and the purchase of a $70 business name does not make you a reptile expert … even if you erect a website saying the same.

To cut a long story short, the course was a roaring success.

Half a dozen people got to learn how to handle and catch the world’s deadliest snakes and in complete safety.

The snakes were also unharmed and continue their day job of live reptile shows in Melbourne to educate others about snakes and de-demonize them.

When we teach people about snakes in our snake handling courses we don’t come out with the total rubbish that these snakes are mean or nasty and want to kill every human they see. 

Instead, we say it as it is.  That is, snakes really aren’t interested in people and they don’t spend every waking our wanting to kill us.

Anyway, my sleeping room was christened on the first night, when two Death Adders had a NT

Unfortunately I’ve had not much time of late to catch critters even though the weather’s been really goo.

We have more bookings for Australia’s only hands-on snake handling courses including more people wanting us from the Gold Coast and elsewhere interstate.

Recently we’ve trained a number of people from outside Australia for snake catching courses and non-Australian inquiries remain common.

Among our marketing advantages are that only Snakebusters is owned by Australia’s Snake Man, namely myself (Ray Hoser) and we are the only people who always put the welfare of the reptiles first.

One of our recent customers mentioned that they wanted us to teach them how to catch snakes in Melbourne, because we were the only snake handing courses teachers in Melbourne who do not advocate the use of “Killer tongs” to handle snakes.  This customer said “I want to learn how to be a snake handler and NOT a snake killer!”

As for these people we saw at the Queensland firm, well, they already want us back to teach people we missed in the first course, so I may be back on the Gold Coast or elsewhere in Queensland for another snake handling course, sooner than I think!


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