Reptile Parties

IMG_4110a 1a 2a 3a 4a 5a 6a 9aAs always we are in demand for birthday reptile party shows in Melbourne.  Doing the only hands on reptile displays always makes us sought after and the kids not only have fun, but learn at the same time.

For mums and dads the reptile show is a breeze as the handler does the work in terms of keeping the kids entertained during their birthday event.
Other than lining up some food, cutting cake and taking photos there is not a huge amount of work needed by the mums and dads at the party.
With winter approaching and the weather cooling, outdoor birthday activities are becoming riskier in terms of the likelihood of bad weather.  However the wildlife party shows are not affected this way.  They can be done indoors and so no one gets wet.  Of even greater advantage is that with the reptiles not eating as much over winter, the kids aren’t even likely to get peed on or pooped upon at their party.
There is only one kids reptile parties company in Melbourne and they are the one owned by the snake man who owns the trademark.  All the rest are merely imitators.


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Snake shows, reptile party displays, kids reptile parties in Melbourne, snake catcher, handler and removals. Children's birthday party events, zoologist, scientist, snakehandler and training others for snake handling courses.
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